Image depicting 5 problems facing crypto dev teams and the challenges facing crypto CEO's.

8 Problems Facing Project Devs How to Quickly Solve them! 

I've zeroed in on the 8 problems facing Crypto CEO's and their Dev Teams. These 8 problems the crypto industry needs to overcome are easily fixable. Read about the 8 major challenges in the blockchain industry below and then click through for more detailed information.

1. Dev Teams Need to Do Business with Safe, Secure Decentralized Exchanges:

Bitcoin was created by a pseudonymous inventor. But since then, know-your-customer (KYC) protocols have become more prevalent. However, in my opinion, the need to hand over private, personal data to exchanges goes overboard.

Crypto CEOs face one big problem. How do Dev Teams, who want to stay private, work within crypto without revealing every detail about themselves? And at the same time, give the customer security that you are trustworthy. One answer is DeFi.

One such company has developed a DeFi platform that requires Dev Teams to be KYC'd to them but kept private to the public. I believe this is a good solution.

DeFi lost $3.1 billion in 2022. More than 82% of the total amount of crypto stolen in 2022. The highest annual total ever. 

DeFi, just in February 2023 alone, lost $21.4 million. I have been scammed 27 times over the years. I am sick and tired of being ripped off. 

We, the public, need to know we are buying from safe, reputable sources. Likewise, project Devs need to know they are surrounding themselves with a reputable platform to launch from.

This Gives Me More Security:

Knowing that Dev Teams are KYC'd to a specific DeFi exchange gives me more security when using that exchange. I know that if the project scams the public, the exchange knows who they are. Immediately, if need be, the exchange can start legal action against them. 

As I've mentioned, this KYC approach gives retail buyers more protection than just running blind.

Dev Teams not willing to KYC to platforms they launch from, tells me they are scammers. These are the bad guys that need to be stopped. I will no longer buy crypto from a project that is not KYC'd in some manner.

More on the benefits of DeFi later in the article.

2. Security:

Security is a problem. Exchanges keep getting hacked and in some cases the problem was self-inflicted. I know, I lost two hundred thousand dollars because a project I was invested in was hacked from within. A self-inflicted disaster by a person on the dev team.

Crypto is beginning to police itself, although we all know some regulation is coming. But it does come down to doing your research - your due diligence. 

Choose to work with a reputable company that you trust. Not easy to find within crypto, but they do exist. But even if you trust them, things happen, just like what happened to me.

(For retail crypto buyers, I believe it's best not to put all of your crypto eggs into one basket. Spread your investments around. All you need is for one of them to 100x - 1000x for your life to radically change.)

One problem developers are faced with is they use old, outdated code that has flaws. Devs copy codes from project to project and don't keep up-to-date on ever-changing technologies. Eventually, holes in the code get exposed and bad things happen.

For CEOs and project Devs, this leads to the next topic. Finding the right team to surround yourself with. 

Sometimes the people you surround yourself with are not as good as you first believed. Additionally, using old, outdated smart contracts are not as secure as one thinks.

Subsequently, new code needed to be developed that takes smart contracts to the next level. For this reason, CEOs and project Devs need to be made aware of new Swap2.0 smart contra t technology. More on this in a moment.

3. Lack of Talented Workforce to Develop the Needed Technology:

CEOs find the lack of talented workers to be a big challenge. In all honesty, most developers are either beginners or very inexperienced. Few are at the very top level of this industry. And even fewer have any business sense.

CEOs have a vision for his/her project. They hire a team to build it. But blockchain competency is as rare as it is valuable. It is very difficult to attract the best technological skilled workers to build out the vision of the CEO.

I've witnessed numerous projects that have failed because the CEO did not have the right team around them. I've lost money on some of them.

Therefore, Dev Teams need to align with legitimate blockchain companies that are at the very top level of development. You must realize, however, that crypto will never be all that it can be until it reaches the masses. And it will never reach the masses until Devs quit using old, outdated technology.

Thus, top-level developers, working together, is how the community will stay up to date with technology. And by doing so, is how you surround yourself with the best of the best.

4. Passion:

A lack of passion is not necessarily a problem, but passion is definitely needed to help ensure your success. Not only for your success but for the success of all those under your direction. CEOs surrounding themselves with passionate like-minded individuals and organizations is essential.

CEOs and project developers lack one problem. Crypto is very volatile. Dev teams need to be very careful about how and where they spend their funds. This is where the lack of business sense comes in.

A downturn in the market, like what we are witnessing now, can destroy a project. Many fall to the wayside because they spread their funds too thin.

Dev teams must keep ample amounts of cash on hand at all times. Downturns in the market can happen quickly. So, even when the market is booming and you have big marketing budgets, stay prepared. Always keep in mind that it can all come crashing down quickly. So be passionate about keeping ample funds on hand.

Therefore, one of the most important places your passion needs to come across is in your marketing. If you are not passionate about what void you are filling in the crypto space, you won't succeed.

5. Marketing:

Marketing works hand-in-hand with finance. It is the cornerstone of a business. Marketing brings the cash in. Successful marketing is key to a successful project. Failed marketing and projects die. It's that simple!

Of course, managing and spending the finances wisely, plays a big role, but the cash must first be generated.

In the world of crypto, at present, there is no way to track the results of marketing. Dev Teams throw millions of dollars of marketing funds at the wall hoping some of it sticks. This is foolish! This one factor alone is why so many projects fail?

Have you ever heard of the Facebook tracking pixel? Advertisers on FB can track every dollar spent. This fine-tunes marketing efforts. Nowhere in the crypto space has this technology been utilized, until now.

Dev teams gain a huge advantage when launching projects on platforms that offer a digital marketing tracking pixel.

That expensive YouTube Influencer you throw tens of thousands of dollars at. You will now know if the money was spent wisely. 

My guess is, as this technology becomes mainstream, you will see many influencers fall by the wayside. Because the digital marketing tracking pixel will expose that their efforts did nothing to generate customers (income).

On the other hand, it is an epiphany when you discover what marketing avenue works the best. You will then know exactly where to direct your marketing dollars more efficiently.

6. The Fiat Currency Problem, Solved:

A major problem keeping crypto from becoming mainstream is the lack of proper interaction with fiat currency. Currently, traders are forced to buy cryptocurrency elsewhere. Then they have to transfer it to the exchange they are using to buy the coin they desire. To the beginner this can be very confusing.

In addition, the inadequate opportunity to safely deposit fiat inhibits large, institutionalized investors from entering the crypto space. These restrictions are some of what keeps crypto from becoming mainstream.

With this in mind, a new, safe hybrid decentralized exchange offers the security of a centralized exchange. 

An upcoming payment gateway will enable seamless transactions between fiat (US dollars) and cryptocurrency. A gateway protecting privacy. No, "Know Your Customer" information will be collected from the user. This is a huge advancement.

Crypto requires engagement. It requires access points every step along the way. A crypto investor, using fiat currency, will now be able to buy thousands of different Cryptocurrencies within minutes. And projects launching will be KYC'd to the platform, protecting the public from scammers. This too is a huge advancement.

And in 2024, a brand new standalone full-fledged blockchain will be launched. With faster speeds and lower gas fees. One more upcoming advancement.

7. The Problem with Swap1.0:

In addition, new Swap2.0 smart contracts will soon overtake the old, outdated Swap1.0 smart contracts. Swap2.0 establish authentic and sustainable trading markets for token projects.

Swap2.0 is the biggest advancement in smart contract technology since the inception of smart contracts. Smart contracts should have been created like this in the beginning. Here's a quick comparison between Swap1.0 and Swap2.0:

The standard Swap1.0 smart contract takes taxes and fees out in the form of the project token itself. This leads to negative sell pressure with every transaction because the project has to sell its own project tokens. Plus, old smart contracts store taxes and fees, but only for a fixed amount of time or amount.

Furthermore, Swap1.0 smart contracts have to sell or 'dump' the collected tokens back on the open market. This is how they obtain the base currency for development and marketing. 

However, this results in practically every standard smart contract launching today losing momentum shortly after launch. Why? Because of having to sell off their own project tokens to collect taxes.

Swap2.0 Solves This:

Conversely, Swap2.0 technology takes the taxes and fees out in the base coin (such as BNB or ETH). Not the project token itself. This creates an authentic market because no project tokens will need to be sold.

The new technology takes taxes and fees out immediately after each transaction. This approach never places any strain on the smart contract. And, the new technology never has to sell, resulting in net positive impacts on the projects chart.

As a result, projects developed with Swap2.0 technology are now more able to expand further development. Because the project can now buy back project tokens, increasing their value.

Swap2.0 ecosystem changes everything. CEOs and Dev Teams go wild once they learn all the facts.

8. TheLAB

Look for Swap2.0 to become crypto's #1 swapping platform powered by Swap2.0 smart contract technology. Plus, TheLAB is crypto's #1 DEX creator. Connect your wallet to TheLAB, choose a name for your DEX, select the desired blockchain, customize it to your liking, then launch your fully functional DeFi exchange.

CEO's or a Project Dev no longer needs to spend $40,000 + snd take months to build your DEX. TheLAB offers an easy 3 step process with ready-to-use options for creating your DEX in minutes. And offer Swap2.0 platforms for launching your own projects using Swap2.0 smart contract technology.

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All 8 Together in One Place:

Blockchain continues to evolve at an incredibly fast pace. New advancements are constantly changing the industry. Only one top-level blockchain company had the expertise to build all 8 of these new technologies into one platform.

Contact TheLAB and discover how you and your company can benefit from all of these innovative updates to the crypto sphere.


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As you can see, the 8 problems facing Crypto Dev Teams and CEOs are all easily fixable and found within the Swap2.0 ecosystem. 

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And as for Crypto Investors, you may want to consider investing in this technology while it's still at the ground floor level. Not to mention, the Teams passion for wanting to become the Google of Crypto. And isn't that what we are all looking for, crypto's next 1000x project? I look for it every day.

Got a Question? Here's the Answer:

10B Lost Annually to Corruption, Is Crypto Really Safe to Invest in?

Corruption in the crypto space is a major problem. Investors need to be very careful when picking projects to invest in. However, when you invest from platforms you trust, you dramatically cut down on these risks. 

Keep in mind, crypto is still in its infancy. However, technology is quickly catching up to the big picture. Once crypto hits mainstream (I believe it will happen this year), investing in crypto will become even safer.

Do You Think Swap2.0 Code Will Become the Norm by Years End?

YES! The benefits of using the Swap2.0 Ecosystem are vast. Once CEOs become aware of this new technology, they don't want to be left behind. It's just inevitable as Swap2.0 technology takes over the DeFi space. CLICK HERE!

Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel, is it All that You Say it is?

YES, and even more so! Crypto's first Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel is a major game changer. Why? Because it's just good ole common sense. 

Tracking every marketing dollar spent is simply good business. It doesn't take having a marketing degree to recognize this. 

Business owners understand the importance of budgeting marketing funds. This process fine-tunes the marketing effort. And that means a more profitable project.

Addition Questions & Answers: 

Buying Crypto with Fiat Currency is Not Easy. Will this Really Get Fixed?

Crypto developers and crypto investors demand a safe decentralized exchange with the benefits of a centralized exchange. They want a platform where fiat currency can buy thousands of different cryptocurrencies within minutes. They need an exchange where their personal information is kept private. 

A true one stop-shop that makes investing in crypto easier than buying stocks or going to the bank. This is what will take crypto mainstream.

I have good news. The Hybrid DeFi Exchange is here, and the upcoming payment gateway is soon to follow. It will change how one invests in crypto. As a result, developers are already lining up. They need the protection just as much as the crypto investor needs the protection. They are excited to be a part of this upcoming boom. And want to be among the first to get in Que.

Sounds Good, but Do Project Devs Actually Need Swap2.0? 

Project developers that have already learned of new Swap2.0 technology are already on board. They find the digital marketing tracking pixel to be a huge incentive. They recognize the benefits of the Swap2.0 smart contract technology. Along with the benefits of the hybrid DeFi exchange. 

Plus, TheLAB is positioning itself to become the biggest launch of the year. Consequently, project Devs see the benefits of having their own DEX and are flocking into the Ecosystem as the word slowly gets out.  

CEOs and Project Dev, Interested in Learning More?

Developers are encouraged to reach out. Have a conversation with the Team. Let them tell you if Swap2.0 is a good fit for your project. 

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