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Discover Why Swap2.0 Technology is the Future of DeFi. 

DeFi refers to online financial services powered by blockchain and smart contract technology. Swap2.0 technology is the future of DeFi. The reason is because it makes DeFi much more efficient. Plus, it is easier and safer to use and more technologically sound.

Essentially, DeFi replaces traditional banks and lenders. It cuts out the middleman. However, it is unregulated and has no central authority overseeing it. Consequently, if you lose your assets to hackers there may be no way to recover.

Decentralized exchanges may be a little riskier, however, it offers much more freedom. And gives investors total control over their assets. 

I love being in control of my own investments. The potential for much higher returns is a real motivator for me. I just can't emphasize enough the need to be very careful in your research. And so, I strongly suggest doing your due diligence.  

My Investing in Crypto Started with a Bang:

One of my first crypto investments was a coin named Shiba Inu. I only invested $66 bucks because at the time I was a scared beginner. Two months later it resulted in a profit of over $40,000. 

But think about this: Had I invested $1,000, I would have profited over $1,000,000. As you can see, investing in crypto can return life-changing profits. For any budget. Actually, returns like this are common in crypto.

Now, what I do is this: I pick projects in blocks of five. I buy low and sell high. I find the 5 projects that I believe will have the greatest impact on the crypto industry. Then I invest a portion of my investment funds into each project. (More about this later.)

I set them and forget them. Meaning, I hold them and let the market take its course. It only takes one project to 100-1000x to drastically change my life.

Unfortunately, 90% of beginner investors buy high because of hype. And sell low out of fear. Crazy! Completely opposite to what I do. 

Thousands of different cryptocurrencies are available. However, buying crypto is not simple. It takes research and due diligence before getting access. Plus, you may need to use multiple platforms. 

In the crypto sphere, currently, there are too many steps involved to accomplish one single goal. Consequently, purchasing a vast majority of cryptocurrencies is unobtainable to most users.

In fact, until crypto solves these problems, crypto will never become mainstream. And until crypto becomes mainstream, crypto will remain an obscure investment. But that's about to change.

Expert Talks About Blockchain Technology Becoming Mainstream:

As mentioned, crypto investing is not easy. There are a lot of problems associated with it. However, experts say there could pop up a new Google in the DeFi space that will change all this.

One such person, Dr. Merav Ozair, blockchain expert and a FinTech professor at Rutgers Business School, writes: "The more people who are educated on this technology and its enormous potential to benefit our global economy and society, the better, and the more likely it’s going to become mainstream... The next step is figuring out how to make good code and kick everything up a notch.”

One Company is Developing Good Code and Kicking Everything Up a Notch:

Swap2.0 code is now available. It is much more efficient and completely changes the DeFi space. So much so, that mainstream mass adoption is now peeking around the corner.  

Crypto developers and crypto investors alike need the same things: Platforms offering features of a centralized exchange with the security and volume of DeFi. And users need the ability to self-custody their assets.

Their new Hybrid DeFi Order Book Exchange meets these requirements. 

Oh, but There's More:

The Hybrid DeFi Orderbook Exchange is completed. Next, is the DeFi payment gateway. This payment gateway will enable seamless transactions between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, no personal information will be collected from users. User privacy is of the utmost concern.

Core services of these platforms are already developed. Along with platforms developed with partners to further build upon what has already been completed. The final testing phases are taking place, fine-tuning each process.

Furthermore, crypto developers utilizing Swap2.0 smart contracts will not need to learn new coding languages. Developers can use the programming language of their choice. 

Their Dynamic Language Tool helps make the blockchain more accessible and appealing. As a result, the ease of use gives developers the ability to be productive right from the start. This ease of use will also help to quickly drive the platform's adoption.

In short, what used to be a slow, inefficient process, now becomes quicker and very efficient.

TheLAB is Here: 

CEO's and Dev Teams can now create their very own fully functional, customizagle DEX in minutes. Complete with engaging reward systems, staking pools, farms, tokens, pairs, different liquidity options, crypto's first digital marketing tracking pixel, plus so much more...

The Swap2.0 Ecosystem turns every DEV into an expert using the most up-to-date technologies in the Crypto space. TheLAB's top-tier design delivers user-friendly, responsive, and feature-rich trading, setting new standards in decentralized exchanges.

Tailor your DEX to perfection and increase your overall profits by capturing a wider range of users to your ecosystem. CLICK HERE to get started.

The Exciting Future of Crypto, DeFi and WEB3 is here using new Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology.

The Highly Sought-After Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel:

Tracking pixels are currently not available in the crypto sphere. But now, TheLAB and the Swap2.0 ecosystem offers crypto's first digital marketing tracking pixel.

Finally, developers will be able to track every advertising dollar spent. Developers will know exactly how profitable, or not, their marketing efforts were. 

Crypto developers hiring expensive YouTube influencers currently have no way of tracking results. Developers throw millions of dollars at marketing, not knowing if any of it sticks. That's a crazy waste of money!

On the other hand, developers using Swap2.0 technology know exactly how many purchases that influencer brought in, if any. This is a much wiser use of marketing dollars.

Crypto developers, if for no other reason, need Swap2.0 for the digital marketing tracking pixel. The Pixel is that important. It helps fine-tune marketing budgets. As a result, millions will be saved from current wasteful spending.

As was previously stated, the Swap2.0 Ecosystem offers so much: 

●  Innovative Swap2.0 smart contract technology.
► Many innovative utilities and platforms.
●  The digital marketing tracking pixel.
► The upcoming Hybrid DeFi Orderbook Exchange and Payment Gateway.
●  TheLAB, plus more...

Add it all together and developers are chomping at the bit to get started. In fact, it is innovations like these that makes crypto simple, seamless, and accessible. 

Finally, projects are scheduled to begin lunching January 2024. 

Moreover, the wait is over. The Swap2.0 Ecosystem has positioned itself to become the leader in the DeFi space. Personally, finding the next 100-1000x investment is always my end goal. And I believe Swap2.0 offers me the safest place to find it.

Soon every household will easily be able to invest in crypto. To say nothing about making it a much safer process.

Incidentally, here is some more food for thought: Holders of the native token get first access to all presales. And holders earn rewards from each DEX TheLAB produces, plus from all Swap2.0 platforms. Consequently, I invite crypto investors to take a closer look at this project. As the native token has become one of my top 5 crypto investments. Along with the upcoming new blockchain token.

Moreover, for Developers, launching projects from Swap2.0 platforms can manage your entire project from inside of the Ecosystem. 

I believe the Swap2.0 Ecosystem will change how crypto will be traded in the future. I no longer see the benefit from using old, outdated smart contracts. Or launching from old, outdated platforms.

I Created to Make it Easier for You:

Crypto CEOs and project Dev Teams have been waiting for Swap2.0 technology. They just don't realize it yetHowever, once Developers get exposed to it, they quickly realize they need it. Indeed, the entire crypto space benefits.

As a final point: We, as investors, want to invest in sound projects. We all want to make profits that may change our lives. I want to emphasize, however, as you invest always keep one thing in mind. "Only invest what you can afford to lose. That way you will never get hurt."

And if you are a project DEV and understand the benefits of offering your own DeFi DEX to your community, visit TheLAB, then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY! 

You no longer need to take months or years to build your project, or to create your own DEX. You can create a fully functional, customizable DEX in minutes, and be creating your project using the new Swap2.0 smart contract technology.

Got a Question? Here's the Answer:

Crypto Exchanges Only Offer Around 50 or so Coins. Why?

Platforms such as these are called Centralized Exchanges. Decentralized Exchanges (DeFi) are what's needed for buying hype or obscure tokens. However, DeFi Exchanges are currently limited as well. 

The Swap2.0 DeFi Orderbook Exchange and TheLAB changes this. Soon, thousands of different tokens will be offered from DeFi's one stop-shop.

Crypto is Very Difficult to Figure Out. Why?

Crypto cannot become a household investment until new technology is developed. The company who successfully builds the platforms to take crypto mainstream will become known as the Google of Crypto. By the end of 2024, I believe the Swap2.0 Ecosystem's will become that company.

Is TheLAB Safe? Are there Fees Associated with the DEXs Built on TheLAB? And Can Crypto be Traded on a DEX?

YES! TheLAB is safe. Audited by Certik, a leading security-focused ranking platform. And yes, there are minimal fees for transactions on all DEXs built on TheLAB. These fees are transparent and are used to maintain the platform's integrity, security, and continuous development.

Moreover, trading is available for any cryptocurrency that's available on a swap platform. Your DEX initially searches for trading pairs within its own listings. If not available, it extends the search to other DEXs within TheLAB ecosystem. Should the pair still be elusive, your DEX will broaden its search to include external DEXs. Consequently, you will earn a trading fee for any swaps executed through your DEX's interface. This comprehensive search mechanism ensures a wide range of trading options for your users. Visit TheLAB, then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY!