Image to detect a digital marketing tracking pixel.

Now You Can Track Every Marketing $ Spent. 

Introducing crypto's first digital marketing tracking pixel. Developed 100% inhouse, marketers will finally know exactly how profitable, or not, their marketing efforts were.

Gain deep insights into your audience with comprehensive user tracking, including the number of transactions, average transaction sizes, and time-of-day trends. Coupled with detailed graphs and key data to strategize effectively, be it on desktop, tablet or mobile.

When promoting projects, this information is crucial for budgeting every marketing dollar spent. Yet, nowhere in crypto is a digital marketing tracking pixel currently being utilized. Except for inside web3's new Swap2.0 ecosystem.

Hence, this new technology alone will change where many top crypto developers launch projects in 2024.

The Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel Will Quickly Become the Google Analytics of web3.

The Pixel Tracks the Following Endpoints:

Click through rate.
Amount of time spent on projects’ websites.
How long have holders held various tokens for a set period of time.
Buy and sell activities per individual wallet.
Source of Presale traffic.
Know exactly if an Influencer was worth the money spent.
And more!

The Pixel is found inside of TheLAB, and for projects launching on Swap2.0 platforms. Moreover, it can also be sold as a service. Large exchanges, swap protocols, NFT projects, and those interested in digital target audiences, can utilize this Pixel.

An Example of Why the Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel is a Game Changer:

Crypto developers who hire expensive YouTube Influencers, here's your problem: Currently, you have no way of tracking the funds. Developers throw millions of dollars at YouTube Influencers not knowing if any of it sticks. There's no way to track it. This is foolish!

But now, with this new digital marketing tracking pixel, crypto developers can track every marketing dollar spent. Therefore, developers using new Swap2.0 technology will now know exactly how many purchases that influencer brought in, if any.

Another Sneak Peak:

Project developers interested in launching a presale can create a custom audience through social media. Then be able to market directly to people who have already purchased other presales over the past 30 days.

Analytics helps us see insights and meaningful data that might otherwise get missed. Discovering this type of date helps us make more informed marketing decisions. 

These are just a few examples. As you can see, this fine-tunes where and how Dev Teams spend their marketing dollars. As a result, marketers should save millions of dollars.

This innovation alone is reason enough to utilize new Swap2.0 technology, but that's just the beginning.

Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel and More:

Read more about the new upcoming hybrid decentralized orderbook and payment gateway. In addition, TheLAB is where CEO's and DEV teams can create their very own fully functional DEX in minutes.

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Got a Question? Here's the Answer:

Why Hasn't a Marketing Pixel Been Used in the Crypto Space?

Good question! The only reason I can come up with is in the beginning the technology was focused more on blockchain technology. Marketing wasn't much of a thought back then. But after more than a decade of marketing projects blindly, one company, co-owned by a marketing expert, realized the flaw. Thus, they filled in this missing link by adding it to the Swap2.0 Ecosystem. Built completely inhouse, it is customized for crypto advertising.

Is there a Cost Involved?

No. Not if you launch your project on their platforms. It is an added benefit. However, if you are a third party and want to purchase the use of the digital marketing tracking pixel, it is available for a fee. 

What Can You Compare it to?

It's comparable to Google Analytics or the Facebook marketing tracking pixel. There are many different endpoints that can be tracked, which will help fine-tune your marketing efforts. And it's available by clicking on TheLAB, then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY!