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New Technology Makes Investing in Crypto Safer & Easier

Warning: Investing in crypto has changed from the past couple of years. There was, and still is a lot of corruption in Crypto. As a result, the industry is starting to police itself. The unscrupulous players are being pushed out.

New blockchain technologies are taking over and providing platforms that will usher in a new era for crypto. So much so that mass adoption is right around the corner. 

I believe now is the time to position yourself as crypto adjusts & shifts towards future mass adoption. 

For Over Two-Years One Company Has Been Developing New Code: 

What crypto company will bring mass adoption across all of humanity? What company is driving blockchain technology forward? One such company is at the forefront and now getting ready to let the world know about it.

Both crypto developers and crypto investors need to consider using and investing in this new blockchain technology. All projects launched not using this new technology, will be using old, outdated smart contracts. To me, this is a recipe for disaster. 

At my goal is to spoon-feed this new technology to both, Crypto Developers and crypto investors. Because one feeds off the other.

Please Keep Reading My Posts:

As I share more details about this new technology, I ask that you please keep reading my posts. In my opinion, what happens in 2024 will play a big role in making crypto a household name.

In the first place, press releases are being posted. Secondly, webinars are being presented explaining what is to come. AMA's are popping up everywhere.

More and more project developers are getting on board and creating DEX's on theLAB and launching new projects on the new Swap2.0 platforms. It is inevitable because it's all in the code. And I also believe, it will also be about crypto's first digital marketing tracking pixel technology. 

Crypto Developers interested in learning more about this new technology, visit TheLAB. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY!

Got a Question? Here's the Answer:

How is Crypto Investing Different from a Couple Years Ago?

Market volume was down 97%. The market was stagnant. However, there was a silver lining. The industry was taking this time to build new technology that will take crypto mainstream.

The biggest problem with the crypto industry is how difficult it is to invest. Crypto projects number in the thousands yet investing in crypto takes hours and hours to figure out.

One company has simplified the process. And soon the world will know about it in a big way. Visit TheLAB. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY!

Will Crypto Be Available to Everyone?

YES! Press releases are being posted. Webinars are being presented, and a massive marketing campaign has begun. The world will soon know of Swap2.0 technology.

Hybrid DeFi Order Book Exchange. Innovative Payment Gateway. Crypto's first Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel. TheLAB, and soon an upcoming standalone blockchain with faster speeds and lower gas fees.

Mass adoption is right around the corner. And the launch party is building momentum. However, right now you are getting a first glance of what's coming.

Where Do I Go to Learn More?

TheLAB is where you can create your own DEX in minutes. If you have questions to ask the team, go to TheLAB, then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY!