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Customize Your DEX the Way You Like it!

Connect your wallet to TheLAB; choose a name for your DEX; select the desired blockchain; totally customize it to your liking; then launch your DeFi exchange. It's that easy!

Top crypto developers no longer need to spend $40,000+ and take 3 months or longer working to build a DEX. You can now build a fully functional, customizable DEX in minutes using TheLAB's easy (3) step process.

Actually, TheLAB has an extensive range of ready-to-use building blocks needed to customize colors, layouts and images. That means you get to make your DEX exactly the way you like it. 

Complete with engaging reward systems, staking pools, farms, token creator, pairs, liquidity options, crypto's first digital marketing tracking pixel, and lightning-fast transactions. Everything you need is at your fingertips. But, here's my suggestion...

CLICK HERE, then click on 'Features' on top menu bar, scroll to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and request a live demo. Seeing is believing, get to know the Team; discuss potential partnerships; advisory board positions; share innovations; and discuss everything DeFi. Join Us!

TheLAB and Swap2.0 smart contact technology

Finally, an Ecosystem Leading Crypto into Mainstream Mass Adoption...

With the 5-Biggest Innovations in Crypto History, TheLab and Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology is Catapulting Crypto to the Next Level!

#1 Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology #2 Crypto's First Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel #3 DeFi Hybrid Orderbook Exchange #4 Payment Gateway #5 TheLAB

INNOVATION #1 - Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology Replaces Swap1.0Currently, crypto projects today are built using old, outdated smart contracts. But standard smart contracts have a BIG design flaw. They take taxes and fees out in the form of the project token itself. Because the project has to sell its own project tokens it leads to negative sell pressure with every transaction. As a result, this creates an unauthentic market. Plus, old smart contracts store taxes and fees, but only for a fixed period of time or amount.

In addition, old smart contracts have to dump these collected project tokens back on the open market to obtain the base currency. Such as BNB or ETH for development and marketing. For this reason, practically every smart contract shortly after launch loses momentum because the contract sells project tokens to collect taxes. Consequently, many collapse before reaching their full potential. From the very beginning the entire system sabotages itself. But not any longer...

Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology Elevates Crypto Projects:

In contrast, Swap2.0 takes taxes and fees out in the base coin (such as BNB or ETH). Not the project token itself. This results in an authentic market because no project tokens will need to be sold. Furthermore, this new technology takes taxes and fees out immediately after each transaction. This approach never places any strain on the smart contract because the contract never has to sell. Resulting in net positive impacts on the projects chart.

Moreover, with the new Swap2.0 technology, projects can now safely expand further development on their project. Because the project can now buy back their own project tokens. This is the way smart contracts should have been created in the very beginning.

What All This Means: The DEVs marketing/project wallets are filled with pared tokens, such as BNB or Eth. This results in no sell pressure coming from the project you're buying. Read more!

TheLAB & Swap2.0
Changing the Direction Blockchain Companies and Top Crypto Developers Take in 2024

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By customizing a DEX and adding it to your platform you will add more users to your project and increase overall profits.

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Crypto's first Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel tracks every marketing dollar spent. As a result, Swap2.0 will change where many projects launch in 2024.

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Discover how to instantly fix the 8 problems facing every crypto DEV. The Swap2.0 Ecosystem holds the key to future crypto projects and quickly turns DEVs into experts!  

In Fact, the 66Bucks BLOG keeps you way ahead of the curve on Swap2.0 Technology with in-depth analyses and the latest industry trends.  CLICK HERE!

Look at what a Measly $66 Bucks Did for Me!

What Could Crypto Do For You?

I got my start by investing $66 bucks in a coin named Shiba Inu. Two months later I sold it for over $40,000. Had I invested $1,000, I would have profited over $1,000,000. In other words, investing in crypto can be Life-Changing, For Every Budget!

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Why Did I Create 66 Bucks.com?

I created 66Bucks.com to help top crypto developers discover the latest Swap 2.0 smart contract technologies. To put it another way, the new Swap2.0 ecosystem takes project Dev's to the next level. Therefore, it's important for DEV teams to become aware of this new technology. 

Plus, I want to help those interested in investing in Crypto to find the best crypto projects to buy in 2024. Because we are witnessing something for the very first time in world history. Where every individual can invest side-by-side and benefit from the same opportunities. From the richest to the poorest, worldwide, every person can improve the quality of their life. Not to mention, it's like becoming your very own bank in the process. Read more...

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Investing in Crypto Takes Education and Common Sense

Crypto is in a bear market. Some think this is horrible, and in some ways, it is, but I believe this is the time to buy. Hense, buy it, set it, and forget it. Buy low, sell high. 

Keep this in mind; a year ago Bitcoin was above $60,000. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin was at $17,432. When do you think was the best time to buy, then or now? 

Investing in Crypto is not easy. It takes a lot of research, yet it's still risky. I've been scammed 27 times, and I don't want that happening to you. With this intention, I believe Swap2.0 technology and platforms may be much safer, for both DEV's and investors. Read more...

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Warning: Investing in Crypto Has Changed from a Year Ago. Get the Scoop Here...

The entire crypto market volume is down 97% from a year ago. The Crypto market is a mess, or is it? It is important to realize, however, that during this bear market the industry is going through a cleansing, and Lord knows it was needed. 

As a result, many bad actors are being pushed out while the newer Swap2.0 smart contract technology is taking over. For this reason, both DEV's and serious investors will benefit from this much needed, sophisticated and easier to use technologyRead more.

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So, What's the Best Crypto to Buy, Now, in 2024?

Crypto offers the biggest economic opportunity the world has ever witnessed. Where the little guy can invest right alongside the rich guy. However, 90% of Crypto buyers buy when the price is high because of hype. Then sell when the price is low out of fear. To put is differently, this is crazy! 

Experienced crypto buyers do the complete opposite. We buy at the very beginning at the lowest price and sell when the price is high. That being the case, I believe projects launched on Swap2.0 platforms may be among the safest and most profitable in 2024. Read More.

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In short, 66Bucks.com is where top crypto developers, and serous investors, gain access to Swap2.0 Smart Contract technologies.

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