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Investing in Crypto Has a Superior Advantage Over Buying Lottery Tickets! 

It's a no-brainer. When considering Lottery vs Crypto, the odds of winning the lottery is something like 300M to 1. It's irrational and all but impossible. A complete waste of your hard-earned money. Investing in crypto makes much more sense than buying lottery tickets.

It doesn't take being a rocket scientist, either. The odds of getting rich from crypto is millions of times better than the lotto.

Sure, if the lottery gets to a billion dollars, I have no problem throwing $2 Bucks at a lottery ticket for the chance to win big. But anything more than that is just throwing your money away.

The way to better yourself is to save and invest. And when investing in crypto it doesn't take much money to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Instead of spending $20 or more a month buying lottery tickets, I suggest putting that money into crypto.

I turned $66 Bucks Into $40,000:

My story is the perfect example. I invested just $66 bucks in a coin named Shiba Inu. Two months later I sold it for over $40,000.

Had I invested $1,000, I would have walked away with over $1,000,000. Think about that. One million dollars off of a $1,000 investment. Where else, but in crypto, can that happen regularly? And reality is, in crypto this type of return happens quite often.

As you can see, investing in crypto can be Life-Changing, for every budget. The lottery just doesn't make rational sense.

Take all of crypto. At the time of this writing prices are down around 80% or more from all-time highs. Take Bitcoin for example: Currently, Bitcoin is $17,456. Just a little over a year ago Bitcoin was $64,000. When do you think was the best time to buy Bitcoin? Last year or now?

Just buy it, set it, and forget it. Let the market take its course and eventually you will double or triple your money.

Or, like my Shiba experience, I prefer buying presales at very low prices. Then wait for the public sale and see what happens. You would be surprised at how many projects 100, 300, or even 1,000x. That's when one can make crazy money off of a small investment.

When it comes to Lottery vs. Crypto, investing in crypto makes much more sense. It's a sane investment. I won't call buying lottery tickets on a regular basis an investment. It's just insane.

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