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5-Biggest Innovations 
Taking Top Crypto Developers to the Next Level: 

Top Crypto Developers are going wild over TheLAB and the new Swap2.0 smart contract technology. Even more wild over the Ecosystem surrounding it. These 5-BIGGEST INNOVATIONS are the most revolutionary events in crypto history, and they're happening all at once and at the same place. Don't miss #5!

As you continue reading, you will learn how these 5-BIGEST INNOVATIONS quickly take top crypto developers to the next level.

Crypto investors also recognize the benefits. All crypto investor's want is to know the best crypto to buy now, and to have access to safe, secure projects. And I believe the Swap2.0 Ecosystem gives investors just that. 

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Top Project Developers Strive to Be on the Forefront: 

In the crypto field, most developers are just starting out. Or they are very inexperienced. However, few are at the forefront of technology. And many face problems.

Because TheLAB and Swap2.0 Technology is so new, only a handful of developers currently know of these innovative technologies. But that's quickly changing.

Developers want to utilize new technologies. Innovative technology is what drives crypto forward. The problem is that it takes years to develop these skills. 

TheLAB and Swap2.0 is disrupting the decentralized space with better technology. And once developers become aware of the 5 BIGGEST INNOVATIONS associated with the Swap2.0 Ecosystem, they don't want to be left behind.

More than just a DeFi token. Swap2.0 is the future of Defi/Decentralization and CEXDEX. TheLAB, Swap2.0 technology and the Ecosystem surrounding it, changes crypto as we know it.

The Swap2.0 smart contract replaces old, antiquated code, and the platforms inside of the Ecosystem replaces old, antiquated platforms; both centralized and decentralized. And now with the launch of TheLAB, CEO's and DEV's can create a fully functional, customizable DEX in minutes. As opposed to working on the fly spending upwards of $40,000 and taking months to create.

Continue reading and I believe you will find your Crypto home. 

1. The First Innovation is the Difference Between Old Smart Contracts from the New Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology:

1. The standard smart contract (Swap1.0) takes taxes and fees out in the form of the project token itself. This leads to negative sell pressure with every transaction. Mainly because the project has to sell its own project tokens. 

2. Plus, old smart contracts store taxes and fees, but only for a fixed amount of time or amount.

3. Thus, old smart contracts have to sell or 'dump' the collected tokens back on the open market. This is how they obtain the base currency for development and marketing. 

4. However, this results in practically every standard smart contract launching today losing momentum shortly after launch. Many tokens collapse before reaching their full potential. Resulting in losses. Why? Because of having to sell off their own project tokens to collect taxes. 

Consequently, for future-proof tokens and projects to flourish long-term, a self-sustaining ecosystem needed to be created. And so, this first-to-market technology is finally being revealed. 

The Swap2.0 Routing System Revolution is About to Begin:

Swap2.0 was created to foster genuine transparency and authenticity within the crypto space. It revolutionizes how decentralized Swaps utilize buyback functionality.  

Projects now have a level playing field. Swap2.0 technology creates an environment where projects can develop to full potential. Giving each project the opportunity to become a respected leader in their space. 

1. As a result, Swap2.0 takes taxes and fees out in the base coin (such as BNB or ETH). Not the project token itself. This results in an authentic market because no project tokens will need to be sold.

2. Furthermore, this new technology takes taxes and fees out immediately after each transaction. This approach never places any strain on the smart contract.

3.  In addition, the contract never has to sell. Resulting in net positive impacts on the projects chart.

4. Moreover, with the new Swap2.0 technology, projects can now safely expand further development on their project. Because the project can now buy back their own project tokens. This is the way smart contracts should have been created in the very beginning. 

What this All Means: Is that the DEVs marketing/project wallets are filled with pared tokens, such as BNB or Eth. This results in no sell pressure coming from the project you're buying.

The developers of Swap2.0 challenge anybody to find a better market making technology. Built around an automatic market maker that can outperform the authenticity and transparency of Swap2.0 routers.

And So, Here's Just One Example of what I'm Referring To:

Let's use a leading Swap as an example: When a presale launches on that Swap, for their fee they receive a certain amount of project tokens. At some point, the Swap hopes to sell these tokens to generate profits. But what that does is crash the chart. Crazy!

From the very beginning the entire system sabotages itself. I don't believe it was intentional, but nevertheless, the facts are the facts. You don't think so? Listen to this: 

Over a year ago I invested 1-BNB in a project. A couple days later my 1-BNB was worth over 110-BNB's. The problem was, shortly after the Swap sold their tokens making millions, resulting in crashing the project which never fully recovered.

The project development team quickly recognized the flaw in the system. Only to realize new code was required to fix it. More than a year later, as a result, Swap2.0 ecosystem is born. 

Swap2.0 turns old smart contracts inside out. Instead of a system sabotaging itself from within, Swap2.0 redesigned the system to give a level playing field. In short, this revolutionary approach increases the projects value as a whole.

Indeed, Swap2.0 has been long in the making, but it was well worth the wait. The Swap2.0 ecosystem is now all the buzz, and once developers learn of all that's included, they're eager to switch over.

But Not Only Developers:

Crypto investors are just as excited. Investing in crypto presales can be risky and very time consuming. I have firsthand experience on how risky investing in crypto has been. I have been rug-pulled, honey-potted or scammed 27 times. 

I'm so excited about this project because TheLAB and the Swap2.0 ecosystem simplifies the process. Making it much safer for everyone.

To tell the truth, on every project launched on Swap2.0 platforms I will do my research. I will pick the ones I believe will give me the greatest chance of success. I'm always looking for the next 100-1000x project and I believe Swap2.0 is a safer place to find them. 

At the proper time I will place a link on the top menu bar where I will inform you of upcoming project launches.  

2. The Second Innovation is the New DeFi Hybrid Orderbook Exchange:

One key element of TheLAB and the Swap2.0 Ecosystem is their New DeFi Hybrid Orderbook Exchange. The first P2P Orderbook DEX + Book that allows users to trade peer-to-peer (person-to-person)not against a liquidity pool

This Orderbook has all the benefits of a centralized exchange but circumvents the downsides of centralization and other swap exchanges. As a result, this puts the users in total control. This is the way swaps & exchanges should have been built in the very beginning.

A HUGE selling point is the ability to sell ANY token from one chain for ANY token from another chain. Such as APE for CAKE or BLUR for BABYDOGE.

Think About This: Sell ANY token on the BSC chain without having to first exchange your BSC token for BSC. Or sell any token on the ETH chain without having to first sell your ETH token for ETHThe possibilities are endless because the Orderbook is multi-Chain

Supporting EVM-compatible chains. Currently, BSC, ETH, ARBITRUM and BASECHAIN, with others coming soon. Eventually all EVM chains will be offered, creating massive volume

► No Slippage
●  KYC 2.0 Certification
► No Front-Running Bots
●  Lower Fees Compared to CEX

For Both Advanced and Beginner Investors:

The Orderbook offers two modes to service all levels of cryptocurrency investors: Advanced & Beginner.

Advanced mode services pro-level traders like me. Similar to a CEX with graphs, buy and sell orders, and more overview.

Beginner mode, very similar to Coinbase's platform, but simplified. Safe, easy and fast, where you elect which token you want to exchange for. And see how many tokens you will receive.

Plus, the Orderbook donates 40% of its net revenue from all chains it supports to the native staking pools. 

Generate Passive Income by Staking:

When you stake cryptocurrency, you are depositing your tokens into one of the DEX's smart contracts. In so doing, you receive reward tokens at a variable interest rate. This creates a huge incentive for holding the native token.

Soon Bitcoin Will be Added:

As a matter of fact, did you know that Bitcoin was originally developed to be Decentralized. Yet today, 82% of cryptocurrency is Centralized. What happened? I believe Centralized crypto exchanges have been a mistake from the very beginning.

To further support my belief, in a 'Daily HODL' staff article dated, March 14, 2023, billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper was quoted as saying, "Bitcoin will move towards $250,000... I am almost 100 percent sure I will be right in 18 months." Stating that, "Investors will likely seek refuge in high quality and decentralized digital assets like Bitcoin."

Tim Draper, an early investor in Skype, Coinbase, Hotmail, Twitter and Tesla, is also quoted as stating, "the collapse of FTX last year should be a wakeup call to investors who are looking to accumulate crypto assets that are controlled by a centralized entity... Decentralized crypto like Bitcoin, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash, Aragon [and] Cardano are way better than centralized crypto... I don’t know why anyone is still holding centralized crypto, unless it has a specific purpose like XRP or ETH... You would think that FTX/FTT would have taught that lesson.”

I personally believe that many of cryptos problems have been a direct result of centralization. With this in mind, this new DeFi Hybrid Orderbook takes cryptocurrency back to its DeFi roots. This levels the playing field even more.  Making the buying and selling of crypto more like buying and selling stocks. Actually, I find it to be even easier.

Never before seen on the blockchain: The first-ever DeFi Swap powered by Swap2.0 smart contract technology, along with TheLAB, revolutionizes Swaps and DEX's.

CEOS's and developers have been waiting for over a year. However, the future is finally here and ready to take DeFi to the moon and back. 

3. Their Upcoming Payment Gateway Will be the 3rd Innovation that Will Change the Crypto Space:

No KYC: Users will transact without having to provide email or personal details. This ensures privacy and anonymity. Users will have direct control of their holdings. 

True Decentralization: No central authority will have control over transactions. Or have the ability to stop, restrict, or block user activities. A DeFi payment gateway that respects privacy and operates without central control. 

Fiat-To-Crypto and Crypto-To-Fiat Onboarding: Users will be able to convert traditional currency into cryptocurrencies and visa-versa. 

Genuine and Unrestricted Transactions: Users will have the freedom to transact and move funds without any external interference or control.

Keeping with Bitcoin's original intent, this is the way payment gateways should have been created in the very beginning. 

Cryptos First One Stop-Shop:

Indeed, the Swap2.0 Ecosystem will provide cryptos first one stop-shop. All of your crypto needs in one spot. Including step by step education making investing in crypto so easy, even grandma can do it.

Once implemented, I believe this fills in the last piece of the crypto puzzle. Read more!

In all honesty, mass adoption is right around the corner. I don't understand why Developers would still want to build projects using old, outdated smart contracts. Much less, launch from old, outdated platforms when the transition to Swap2.0 and TheLAB is so simple?

I Invite You to Take a Peek at Some of the Tools & Utilities Inside of TheLAB:

TheLAB is decentralized. It includes desperately needed cutting-edge tools allowing DEVs to build a fully functional, customizable DEX in minutes. 

The Swap2.0 platforms offer unique tools bringing full transparency, accountability, and authenticity to token projects. Tools designed to simplify project development and community growth. Tools to assist in managing every step along a projects path. 

Furthermore, holders of the native token can receive early access to all vetted presales -before the project hits the public. In addition, just for holding the native token, holders receive rewards from all projects launched. I find both of these to be huge incentives for holding the native token.

Here is some of what's included:

Presale Manager:

The Presale Panel allows users, developers, and projects to create token presales without needing to learn new code. As a result, developers can write smart contracts in the language of choice. Compilers automatically convert the developer's code into swap2.0 code. Revolutionizing DeFi smart contract technology.

Swap2.0 aims to launch only the best and safest projects. A rigorous ten-point vetting process is required. Including but is not limited to:

► Standard KYC
●  KYC 2.0 Certification
► Project Whitepaper Audit
●  Roadmap Review
► Project Policy Review
●  Team and Staff Review for support of the project
► Audit of community leaders and backgrounds
●  Projects will be required to sign a private CYA letter. Giving management the ability to disclose all information gathered in case of project shenanigans.

This deterrent is very important as it gives investors a layer of protection against rug-pulls, honeypots, etc. Management will not tolerate corruption. Management will have the ability to start legal proceedings against project developers who intentionally scam investors. 

For this reason, I believe DeFi policing itself is the first line of defense against corruption. As a consequence, the Swap2.0 Ecosystem is leading the way in this protection.

Now let's get to what I believe is the most important tool in the Swap2.0 toolbox. The tool project CEO's and Dev's will financially benefit from the most.

4. The 4th Innovation, Crypto's First Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel, will Change where many Top Crypto Developers Will want to Launch:

Dev Teams not only get to write smart contracts and launch on platforms utilizing new Swap2.0 technology. They also receive access to many utilities. One such utility, and I believe it is the biggest of them all, is crypto's first Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel.

Never before seen in the crypto space, I believe this Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel will be developer's biggest draw. Second only to the Swap2.0 smart contract itself. 

The Marketing Pixel gives you access to valuable statistics gathered from ad campaigns and websites. This tracking pixel revolutionizes marketing within the entire crypto sphere. It will be an absolute game changer for project CEO's.

In short, I find that projects lack two major issues: Marketing and Investor Sentiment. 

The Marketing Pixel Generation Tool tracks people who have become holders of crypto projects. These conversions are generated for all marketing platforms and influencers.

The tool can be given to marketing partners and members of community shilling contests. It can track just about anything.

Therefore, the Marketing Pixel Generator was Born:

The digital market tracking pixel fine-tunes the marketing process. The pixel saves crypto CEOs from blindly wasting millions of advertising dollars. 

Currently, in Crypto, there is no way to track conversions. Yet, tracking conversions should be the number one goal of every project. Right now, there is no way to show what actual impact your marketing efforts have made. This is crazy!

The Swap2.0 digital marketing tracking pixel measures the success of every action taken. There is no limit as to the extent of use. The data recorded can track just about anything.

Projects will now see what is working and what it not. It shows clicks per link, location, timeframes, and how much time that person who clicked spent on the page. It shows if they purchased, if they sold, etc. 

► Tracking starts on the originating link, which can be a code on your site that people click on to move forward. 

● There is scripting for bridging and building custom actions and events in the pixel to look for specific events. Such as clicking a button, filling out a form, etc. 

► There are static events for visits, page views, URLs, and swap metrics specifically for Swap2.0. 

● Can also partner with projects that might adopt the pixel tracker as they launch V2 or V3 on the Swap2.0 system. 

► The Tracking Pixel alone gives ample reasons to bring liquidity into the Swap2.0 ecosystem. As it is the very first crypto project to use this tracking technology. This technology strengthens projects that interact with Swap2.0.

For this reason, the tracking pixel tool can be used for social media marketing and with Influencers. Consequently, influencers, CEX, DEX, dApps, project developers, and communities can now optimize their efforts. This ensures progress for the goal they are trying to accomplish.

Influencer Marketplace:

Crypto Influencers are essential for getting the word out about new projects. However, Crypto developers hiring expensive YouTube influencers currently have no way to track the results. 

But now, developers using new Swap2.0 technology are able to track every marketing dollar spent. They will now know their return on add spend, and exactly how many purchases that influencer brought in, if any.

In my past life I was a Facebook marketer. I know firsthand how important the Facebook marketing tracking pixel was to my success. The creator of this Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel has spent over $100,000,000 marketing on Facebook. He understood the necessity of such a pixel and how it was lacking inside of the crypto sphere. Now, crypto marketers can receive the same marketing advantages as Facebook marketers. 

Again, pertaining to marketing, this changes everything. The digital marketing tracking pixel, just like with Facebook, should have been part of the crypto scene since the very beginning. 

As a Result, Information Such as the Following Can be Obtained:

► Cost Per Click
●   Ad Types
► Conversion Rates
●  Cost Per Impression
► Audience Type
●  Traffic Engagement Score

Incidentally, I know how important it is to stay on top of Analytics. Analytics are one of the reasons developers are going wild over Swap2.0 technology. The benefits are easy to recognize. Two years in the making, CEO's, developers, and crypto investors have been patiently waiting. And we are all very excited that it's finally here.

All the pieces are finally in place. TheLAB is where a DEV can create their own fully functional, customizable DEX in minutes. 

And Swap2.0 platforms are where the new Swap2.0 smart contracts will be launched from.

5. And the 5th Innovation Turns Average DEVs into Experts. Where DEVs Can Create a Fully Functional, Customizable DEX in Minutes.

Redefining the landscape of cryptocurrency trading, project Devs no longer need to take up to 3 months, or longer, to build a DEX. You can now build a fully functional, customizable DEX in minutes using Swap2.0 Smart Contract Technology.

Connect your wallet to TheLAB, choose a name for your DEX, and select the desired blockchain. Customize it the way you like it and then launch your DeFi exchange.

TheLAB has an extensive range of ready-to-use options offering the building blocks needed to customize colors, layouts and images. Make your DEX uniquely yours. Complete with engaging reward systems, staking pools, farms, tokens, pairs, and different liquidity options. You even get access to crypto's first digital marketing tracking pixel, plus so much more.  

Whether you're aiming for simplicity or complex functionality, you hold the power to select, combine and shape your DEX to your liking.

Swap2.0 technology turns Developers into experts overnight using the newest innovative codes and platforms in the crypto sphere. And Investors can be comforted knowing that the code and platforms are among the safest in crypto.

Thoughts from Experts Pertaining to the Future of Cryptocurrency: 

In a 'Daily HODL' article, dated March 8, 2023, the writer states, "Coinbase is making the case that it's time for the nascent industry to take over the existing traditional financial system... Coinbase notes that if all the crypto users in the world were their own country, it would be the third largest nation on earth... Coinbase also says that the US should do what it can to place itself at the forefront of crypto adoption".

CEO of Bittrex Global, Oliver Linch, believes that traditional finance will seize upon the opportunities the crypto industry offers. Linch talks of institutional adoption increasing the pace of innovation. 

Scott Melker anticipates that global financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs, will aggressively take on a bigger role in crypto.

Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone points out that Bitcoin outperforms gold. He believes a new Supercycle for Bitcoin is imminent because of its low and rising adoption, plus diminishing supply.

BitMEX co-founder CEO Arthur Hayes is taking an even bigger stance against the traditional financial system. Hayes believes because of recent changes in the world's banking industry, Hayes sees Bitcoin reaching a price upwards of $1,000,000.

OH, but listen to Jesse Myers:

Jesse Myers, a hedge fund manager who can be found on Twitter @Croesus_BTC, says Bitcoin will reach $10 million within a few decades.

In an interview with Natalie Brunell, who has 51.4K YouTube subscribers, Myers states,

“We have now entered an era where the value proposition of holding bonds or holding fiat money is very bad, because the national debt and the unfunded liabilities going forward are going to necessitate a level of printing that will outpace the nominal yield on holding bonds. That’s the only way out. We now have $31 trillion of national debt, $170 trillion of unfunded liabilities in the US alone...

You’re talking about $3 trillion a year in interest expense when we’re already running a multi trillion-dollar deficit in our budget. So, you’re talking about something like $4 trillion dollars of deficit going forward that you have to print in order to make that up."

There is only 21 million Bitcoin:

"Bitcoin goes up in value every 4 years because of halving's. If you hold Bitcoin 4 years or more, if nothing else, you are going to grow your value... 

We are 0.5% into meaningful adoption by the group of people who have any money to store... It’s a question of how much can Bitcoin win, how much value can Bitcoin actually take here. It is currently a $400 billion asset in a $900 trillion ocean. That means it’s 1/2000th of the world’s value, and that means collectively the world has a 0.05% percent allocation to Bitcoin... So, when I say Bitcoin has, I think, a conservative chance of becoming $10 million dollars a coin in today’s dollars, I believe it has the ability to capture 25% of the worlds value. That's a 500x in real terms. Granted, it will take over the next several decades to fully reach that."

As for his 'few decades' timeline, Myers believes that it all depends on how long it takes the general public to wake up to Bitcoin. 

Jesse Myers Isn't the Only One: 

In a Daily HODL staff article dated 4/10/23 fund manager Larry Lepard says, “I think the intelligent people in the world and ultimately most people get the joke and realize that fiat currency is losing value consistently, and as that trend grows people will go to Bitcoin... 

They’ll go to gold. They’ll go to property. Nobody’s going to be stupid enough to buy bonds from a set of governments that have proven they can’t manage the currency correctly." 

Larry Lepard continues, "As more and more people come to [realize they] should save in this form of money, the price is going to go much higher in my opinion. I think we’ll hit $100,000. Then I think we’ll hit $1 million, and I think we’ll ultimately hit $10,000,000 a coin.”

What do you think this type of rise in Bitcoin will do for cryptocurrency in general?

The Nail on the Coffin? 

The U.S. Treasury's only answer to the Silicon Valley Bank failure is to print more money. They call it 'Quantitative Easing'. I personally believe the world's financial systems are a complete disaster. It is falling apart right before our eyes, and it is only going to get worse before it gets better. The world's population is finally realizing that the entire financial system only serves the world's elites, not the average person.

At, CEO of deVere Group, Nigel Green, a $12 billion financial advisory firm says, "Bitcoin surged in price following the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, with the banking crisis acting as a springboard event for the world’s largest cryptocurrency, as global investors seek safe haven, alternative currencies."

Investors are looking at ways to preserve their capital. Which is bullish for Bitcoin and crypto as investors seek alternatives for potential higher returns. 

According to Green, the global financial instability represents an historic moment for Bitcoin and crypto. In the current economic environment, Green points out that Bitcoin’s scarcity of only 21 million coins is a key factor for its appeal.

"Indeed, the fallout from this latest banking crisis seems to serve as a launching point for a larger objective for the world’s largest crypto. It’s a historical springboard event.”

In Summary:

I included expert comments, and talked about the recent bank failures, because I'm making the case for what's to come. Remember, Crypto is only at the very beginning stages, and I believe Crypto is getting ready to explode.

I believe the transition of wealth from traditional finance to DeFi is inevitable. Decentralized Finance is poised to be the place investors turn to. And the Swap2.0 Ecosystem with the Swap2.0 smart contract and TheLAB, has positioned itself to become the leader.  Not to mention the Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel, the DeFi Orderbook Trading Platform, plus much more all under one roof.

Even more reasons why crypto CEOs and Developers need to utilize, and take advantage of, the Swap2.0 technologies.

I have only shared a portion of what the Swap2.0 Ecosystem offers. Are you beginning to see why top crypto developers are going wild over the new Swap2.0 smart contract technologies? Technologies that take top crypto developers to the next level.

The 5-BIGGEST INNOVATIONS that should have been a part of crypto since the very beginning are finally available to everyone. Thousands of developers and investors have been waiting. Finally, the next level of DeFi is here. Mainstream Mass Adoption is staring us right in the face.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

As a Crypto Project Dev, it goes without saying that having a successful launch and a prosperous project is the goal. Can you see how the innovative Swap2.0's smart contract and surrounding Ecosystem gives your project a greater chance at success? 

Do you see the financial benefits of offering your community their own DEX to trade from? And do you like the idea of creating your own DEX in minutes, rather than spending $40,000+ taking months developing? Not to mention using old, outdated code in the process.

Crypto's first Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel is a game-changer. Being able to track your funds is a much more profitable way to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars. Do you believe by utilizing crypto's first Digital Marketing Tracking Pixel that it may greatly benefit your bottom line?

Do you like the idea of utilizing an Ecosystem that can manage every aspect of your project?

In addition, do you think that promoting your project on new innovative platforms will benefit your project? Platforms designed to help your project succeed, rather than launching from old, outdated platforms designed to sabotage your project?

"We Need More Decentralized Exchanges!" 

That's what Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance said on 4/4/23"We need more DEXs. PancakeSwap has most of the users. Uniswap has most of the TVL [total Value locked]. That's still too centralized... (I know, imagine that coming from me.) Need More Options."

Do you agree with Zhao that we need more Decentralized Exchanges? Like the Swap2.0's new DeFi Hybrid Orderbook Exchange, rather than old-centralized platforms?

I believe that working from an Ecosystem that is designed to bring crypto mass adoption to every household is a huge benefit. I have personally been waiting for this since I started seriously investing in Crypto.  

Besides, we all want mass adoption. We all need the buying & selling of Crypto to be so easy even grandma can do it. And I believe we can all agree that the creation of everything crypto needs to be easier for Developers. Swap2.0 and TheLAB offers that.

As a crypto CEO or Project Developer, with everything you have read thus far, have I sparked your interest? Does TheLAB and the Swap2.0 Ecosystem sound like technology that will benefit your community?

PLEASE Follow these Steps if You Answered YES to Any of the Above Questions:

CEOs and Dev Teams who are excited to utilize the Swap2.0 Ecosystem can catapult their efforts by clicking on TheLAB. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team, TODAY!

Furthermore, rest easy knowing that the development team is publicly doxed. Committed to staying reliable, accountable, and transparent. Plus, vows to stay at the forefront of innovation solidifying an authentic marketplace for us all to benefit from.

NOTE: I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about TheLAB and the Swap2.0 Ecosystem. The new Swap2.0 Routing System Revolution has begun, and we can all play a big role in taking crypto mainstream. Again, if I have sparked your interest, please contact TheLAB to create your DEX, and/or scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' to contact the team directly.

We all, Developers and Crypto investors alike, want to work with, and invest in, the safest most technologically sound projects. And as the world's financial systems continue to collapse, I believe DeFi will play a major role. 

I wish all of the top crypto developers all the best, who elect to move their projects forward by utilizing the Swap2.0 Ecosystem. 

I also wish crypto investors all the best when investing in these projects. I'll be doing my due diligence in my quest to find the best crypto to buy now; the next 100-1000X projects.

Technology that Takes Top Crypto Developers to the Next Level. 

I know You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers:

I'm a Crypto CEO with a Good Dev Team. Why Should I Reach Out?

Because you don't know what you don't know. I believe that by having a short conversation with the Team may result in completely upgrading practically every aspect of your project. Therefore, click on TheLABthen scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team directly.

I'm a Crypto CEO in Need of a Dev Team. Can You Help Me?

Swap2.0 is the most innovative blockchain technology available today. The Swap2.0 Team is at the forefront of blockchain technology. They offer development services on a case-by-case basis, so CEOs in need of assistance are encouraged to click on TheLABthen scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Let's Stay Connected' and contact the team directly.

Is TheLAB Safe? Are there Fees Associated with the DEX's Build on TheLAB? And Can Crypto be Traded on a DEX?

YES! TheLAB is safe. Audited by Certik, a leading security-focused ranking platform. And yes, there are minimal fees for transactions on all DEXs built on TheLAB. These fees are transparent and are used to maintain the platform's integrity, security, and continuous development. 

Trading is available for any cryptocurrency that's available on a swap platform. Your DEX initially searches for trading pairs within its own listings. If not available, it extends the search to other DEXs within TheLAB ecosystem. Should the pair still be elusive, your DEX will broaden its search to include external DEXs. You will earn a trading fee for any swaps executed through your DEX's interface. This comprehensive search mechanism ensures a wide range of trading options for your users. CLICK HERE!